2 ways to edit your way to great photography

If you photoshop your pictures, then you are NOT a photographer.  You are a graphic designer.

Anyone that has followed my work for more than two days knows that I feel a true photographer is someone who leaves photoshop in the box, on the shelf, in the back of the closet.

Photoshop might be good for getting rid of dust specks or that ugly wart on Aunt Millie´s nose, but if you rely on photoshop or other photo editing software to improve your work, then you just aren´t a photographer.

You might have seen the headline to this blog and thought I was going to talk about how to change your photos so that you can APPEAR to be a better photographer.

No, I mean there are some things that you can really do to become a better photographer while you are in the field shooting – learn how to edit your photos while you´re behind the lens taking those photographs.

When I first began shooting I would miss many photos while trying to turn the dials and push the control buttons.  I would ignore composition.  When I would work on the composition, I would forget about the dials and buttons.

After seeing so many so-called photographers tweaking their photographs in Photoshop I figured there had to be a better way.

Cropping through the viewfinder is one way.


Photo courtesty of John Davenport

One scene can be cropped in many different ways.  If you do your cropping while you are behind the camera you are also training your eye to automatically take better photographs and ¨see¨the photograph before you raise the viewfinder to your eye.

Another benefit to studying what you see through the viewfinder, is you´ll start to see things in the photo that will look great once you´ve changed them.


Photo courtesy of John Davenport

This shot of the Boston skyline is nice.  But John knew that if he turned the dial to B/W it would make a nicer photo.

Learning to edit in the camera while you are shooting will make you not only a better photographer – you´ll become a true photographer in every sense of the word and not just a ´graphic artist´who tweaks their work in Photoshop.

Jerry Nelson is a photojournalist living in Buenos Aires.  He´s desperately working now on raising funds to replace his camera gear which was stolen on February 9.


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