Darryl and Bobby, Jr. get arrested. Big freakin´deal!

So Darryl Hannah, Bill McKibbon and Bobby Kennedy Jr. get arrested at The White House and the crowd goes wild.

Well, not really the ´crowd´so much as it´ts really just a few folks who call themselves ´citizen journalists´.

Read what one misguided soul at something called ´Cool Revolution´had to say; then come back here and let me know through a comment if my assessment is right or do I have my head up my butt.

I really haven´t figured out why a few people go ´demente´when a celebrity is hauled away for a publicity stunt.  And that´s what it is in the end.

While claiming to believe in the cause du´jour, they´re really out to feed the Hollywood publicity machine and get their name in lights.

Any idea what happens when the average protester is arrested?  They´re taken down to Central Cell Block where they are fingerprinted and have their photo taken.  After spending the night in a tiny cell being fed a bologna sandwich, they´re released if they have someone that can pay an exorbitant bond.  They are given a court date and if they can´t or don´t show up for it, then a bench warrant is issued for their arrest.

Do you know what happens when a celebrity is arrested for protesting?  They´re put into the back seat of a squad car and driven to the front door of the police station.  They get to make the notorious one phone call and then cool their heels in the lobby drinking coffee while their attorney makes arrangments for the ´criminal´to be ROR  (released on own recognizance).

They´re not given a court date because there is no court to be held for them.  Weeks or months later the charges are quietly dropped and the celebrity criminal goes on about their business.

I can prove to you that it´s just a publicity grab by the celebrity and not a genuine act motivated by a sincere belief in the object of protest.

For what was Darryl Hannah arrested for in October 2012?  No far looking it up either.  If you´re like 99.9% of the rest of America you can vaguely remember that she WAS arrested, but you can{t remember why.

If her cause was more important than publicity, don´t you think you´d remember the cause?


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