Dear Nike, I think we can help each other

nikeDear Nike:
You may not realize this, but you have a serious image problem, and I can help.
You’ve hit the trifecta with Woods, Armstrong and now Oscar Pistorius. Sex, drugs and murder. Yep, all the ingredients of a bad Saturday night at the movies.

But all is not lost. I think we can work together.

You need an image makeover and I need some camera gear.

If you’ll provide me with a Canon D50, a few lenses, a laptop computer and a gear bag to tote it all around in, I promise I won’t cheat on my wife, do drugs or kill anyone.
Your image will be safe with me.

Hell, I will even come to your corporate headquarters to pick up the gear in person and I’ll be glad to shave the Nike “swoosh” into my beard.

What ya think Nike? Think we can do business?

Patiently awaiting your reply while lost in the barrios of Buenos Aires,
Jerry Nelson

On the slim chance that Nike does not come through with a million dollar sponsor offer, would you think about throwing a few bucks into the tip jar to help replace the equipment that was stolen Saturday?  Thanks!


One thought on “Dear Nike, I think we can help each other

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