8 track tapes, Aunt Martha, camera gear and me

When I was about 11, I had an Aunt Martha.  Maybe you did too. You know the type. They love you and always remember special days like Christmas and your birthday.  But they don’t always give you great gifts.

Socks, underwear and things that are practical, but just don’t make much sense to  a kid.

Aunt  Martha came close one time though. For my birthday one year  she sent me six EIGHT-TRACK tapes.  

Iron Butterfly, Bread and even a few Beatles were in the mix. For being an old lady in her forties, she showed remarkable taste in music.

Only trouble was, I didn’t have anything to play them on.

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know about the problems I’ve been having since the night my gear bay was stolen with all my camera stuff.

I’m blessed though.   I have a few friends that have stepped up to the
plate. One is sending me a laptop, another is sending a camera and a lens or two and a few have dropped a few dollars in the tip jar.

The laptop doesn’t have a power cord with it and I’m not sure the camera has a card reader or even a way to charge the batteries.

While I am grateful to my friends for helping me out, I still think it is kinda like getting those tapes and nothing to play them on.

So if you have a powerful cord, some batteries, a card reader and other odds and ends lying around that I could use, well send them on.

I will be forever grateful.

4 thoughts on “8 track tapes, Aunt Martha, camera gear and me

  1. It’s a Gateway laptop, but I don’t know the model number and will have to wait until it gets here from the states. Thanks for your interest though.

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