Three weeks and five days

Three weeks and five days.   It’s been that long since I got robbed of all my gear. I’d like to say that I’ve been monk like and sat in the garden each morning at sunrise, but you know me better than that.

Everyday I’ve been in the streets keeping a look out for someone carrying a blue and black Lowepro gear bag. I want to rip his eyes out, use a paper punch to pierce his ears  and then make the bastard scream and cry like a little girl.

That’s what I want to do.  But the creator, as usual, had other plans.

Instead of skinning the cowardly bastard alive, the creator has used this time to bless me and  teach me a few things.

First, He’s shown me that my daughter has turned into a fine woman.  Our relationship hasn’t always been all peaches and cream, but she has reached across the miles and through the years to rebuild a bridge that I  burned many years ago.

Next, He has pointed out to me that I have many friends throughout the world. When I  first posted here that I had been robbed, many, many people wrote emails letting me know about their concern. Their words of encouragement answered a question that I have asked myself many times : Why in the hell am I out here in the streets day after day at my age.

More than a few have written to tell me that their life is a little less dull because they can live vicariously through my words and pictures.

Several have come forward to help replace what was taken.  A camera body here, a lens there, a laptop from an unexpected source and several dollars thrown into the tip jar have gotten me back about 70% where I was.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is Ale.

There have been many times that she could have told me I shouldn’t have been in the plaza that night or shouldn’t have taken the gear bag with me, but she didn’t.

She’s been supportive throughout this ordeal.  One person wrote that Ale needed to be doing more than posting a few posters and words of cheer, but that person doesn’t know Ale and wasn’t able to see what I  saw. To that person that criticized without knowing, I say, Keep your damn mouth shut.

The creator has shown me what a terrific wife he has blessed me with. I realize that as life goes on there will be disagreements and maybe some arguments between us.   Who knows,  I might even make her angry enough to fuss at me in Spanish.

But whatever she and I go through, I hope I remember these weeks of love and support.

Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, stop worrying.  I’ll always be irascible, stubborn, opinionated and often full of myself but I’ll  carry with me a deeper appreciation for the position I’ve been given in this journey and adventure called life.

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