I am an illegal immigrant

My name is  José.  José Luis Rodriquez. I was born 57 years ago in a small Mexican fishing village on the  Pacific Ocean.

Ok, you got me.  I’m  still  Jerry,  the lovable and opinionated American you’ve come to know through my writing over the years.

Today,  March 1 at midnight, I become  an illegal immigrant.

For  years  on these pages  I have ranted  and  raved about the  illegal immigrants that  come to America and the non thinking liberals that want to  give away  free education,  free health care and all the other goodies.

Other than a beautiful wife  Argentina hasn’t given me anything. Matter of fact, Argentina has temporarily taken my ability to work and bring a few pesos in.

I figure though that I am in a pretty exclusive club.   How many Americans do you know that are illegal immigrants?

Maybe the hardest thing to do now is to figure out how to convince my mother that she raised an Hispanic child.

I will figure out what to tell the policia when they come calling.

In the meantime José and the fishing village is my story and I am going to stick to it.

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