Under the equator

It should be the beginning of football season, but it’s not.

The weather is shouting Monday Night  Football, but the calendar on the wall disagrees; the calendar on the wall will win.

As parts of America dig out from under the worst snowfall in years, here in Buenos Aires it’s just very late summer.

While America’s midsection is covered in goosebumps,  Argentines are starting to reach for sweaters as the memories of summer vacation in  January are hung up in the closet.

The weather isn’t the only thing that reminds me that I am not in America.

Men kissing each other as a greeting.
The light turning yellow after red as well as after green.
Dogs roaming loose, allowed to answer nature wherever they are  – – usually on the sidewalk.
Seeing a bottle of Coke marked at $14.00 in the market.

The difference between Argentina and America is great,  but the similarities are striking too.

Politicians in love with back room deals.
Corrupt corporations bending government to suit their needs.
People struggling to survive in an economy wracked with greed and inefficiency.
A determination by a small, but vocal, piece of the population to bring about change and a better future for their children.

While a sociologist would have a great time comparing the two countries, they can have their fun while I enjoy most of the differences.

While Christmas in 90 degree weather was one thing, a snap in the air without the smell of burning leaves might be too much.

2 thoughts on “Under the equator

  1. Admittedly, I don’t use Yahoo that much, and really only because Chrome has gone buggy recently. But I have seen Jerry Nelson’s picture a lot, but not on the feed for my international news stories before! Congratulations!

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