I’m the most humble person I know

I know the title sounds like a contradiction. To say I’m more humble than the next person is pretty – well – arrogant.

But it’s true, let me explain.

On February  9th I was robbed.  All of my camera gear, laptop, credentials  and passport was taken.  Disappeared.  Vanished.  Nothing left,  nada , zilch.

My livelihood, the source of so much pleasure –  and  pain – ceased to exist.

The policia in Buenos Aires weren’t any help. With Ale’s help,  I was able to get a police report submitted only to watch as it disappeared into a dusty four drawer filing cabinet.

For a few days  I was stunned into silence and filled with questions.  What do I do now? 

The only sanctuary I  had was Ale.  She was supportive and loving through the whole ordeal.  I can’t begin to ever thank her enough.  At her suggestion,  I posted on these pages an item or two about what happened.

Friends from all over the world responded.  Many with great words of encouragement and condolences. Quite many with offers to help spread the word.  Others generously tossed dollars into the tip jar. And several offered the use of gear they had sitting around.

From Argentina to California to Kansas to Texas to Washington to North Carolina  to Virginia, friends reached deep to get this opinionated, grumpy, grizzly ol’ vet back on his feet.

Packages of gear and supplies crisscrossed America to reach people who were willing to bring the items into the country for me. It was an operation of sorts that would have made the military proud by it’s coordination and planning.   All done by people that didn’t know each other.

Yesterday, one month to the day since I was robbed, I picked up the last of three packages  containing gear. Lenses, camera body, camera gear bag and even lens cleaner.

Other than Ale,  I won’t mention any names.  I’m fearful of overlooking someone if I try to name everyone.  The love, care help and concern that I have been  shown truly leaves me speechless and grateful.

That is what has made me the most humble person I know.

**I can’t finish this up without a special word to Ale. She has been tremendous through this whole affair and I thank the creator every day for putting her into my life. **

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