Rounding third and heading for home: The saga of stolen gear is almost done

Coming around third base now, I’m heading for home — plate that is.

On February 9, I was robbed.  All of my camera gear, laptop, credentials and passport taken by someone while I was in Plaza de Barrancas getting ready for a shoot.

I posted an item here on the blog and friends, fans and followers dug deep to really help me get back in the game so to speak.  The love, care and concern that I was shown just blew me away — kinda what I’d like to do to that thief if I ever catch him, or her.

I’m standing on third base now, waiting for the moment so I can complete the lap around the field and get back to homeplate.  Only about one item is still needed though.

A laptop computer.

A friend here in Argentina has lent me an old one of his to use for a few weeks, then I have to give it back.  A good friend in Washington DC, has done some research and homework and found this one available through Tiger Direct.

The problem?  The dollars.  I just don’t have the money to buy one and I could use your help.  If there’s anyway you could throw a few dollars into the jar here, that would be tremendous.

If you have any questions about the specific laptop that David has found, please be sure to ask in the comment section and I’ll see that he gets your questions.


Thanks for all that each of you have done already, and thanks for helping me out on this last request.

3 thoughts on “Rounding third and heading for home: The saga of stolen gear is almost done

  1. If someone has an old Presario 2100 that needs an lcd screen, I will donate one that doesn’t work but has many working parts including the ldc screen.

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