The pope and I are going to have a long night together

Pope's Blessing

Pope’s Blessing (Photo credit: alykat)

It might be a long night tonight. Tomorrow morning at 5am (Buenos Aires time), the new pope is officially getting his place in history. This is a historic moment for the Catholic Church and for Argentina.

News item in the Buenos Aires Herald

1. He’s the first pope to take the name Francis.
2. He’s the first non-European pope in centuries.
3. He’s the first Jesuit to get the top spot.
4. He’s the first pope from Latin America to get the office

It’s that last one that really has catholics here in Argentina going wild. Just about the same level of wild as when The Beatles first made it to America. And yep, the pope is getting the rock-star treatment here in town.

Before he was Pope, Jorge was the archbishop locally. Overseeing The Metropolitan Cathedral, he was often seen around town in soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other places where the disadvantaged hung out.

And when he went to see his flock, he wouldn’t take the official car that was available to him, he would ride the bus or the “subte” as the subway here is called.

He was loved alot by the folks in his parish here. Tomorrow morning at 5am the pope’s induction ceremony will be shown live in the cathedral. Expecting a packed house, the church is opening up tonight for people to sleep in the building so they can make sure to have a ringside seat for the festivities tomorrow.

I plan on being there tonight to get some photographs for a few of the outlets I shoot for. Grab a cup of coffee for me…it could be a long night

I’ll be posting some of the shots that I get here on the blog and if I get any that are particularly nice, you can see them by clicking the link below.

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