Halfway to home – – I have half the cost of a laptop

Halfway to home

In keeping with the baseball analogy,  I’m almost home.

On February 9th,  I was robbed.  All of my gear was stolen – –  camera, lenses, gadgets and  batteries  – –  everything.   The pecker headed SOB even took my passport.

Friends, fans and supporters came out of the woodwork to helped replace what was taken.
You got me back around to third base with all  of the equipment you sent and the money you put into my jar.

Now I’m halfway to home plate.

Someone has dropped enough money into the jar to cover half of the cost of a laptop.

David  Sachs has found a great deal on a laptop.  Being a professional photographer himself,  David knows what kind of system I need and he wrote to tell me about it.

Like I said,  I’m halfway home and as soon as I can raise another  $150 (plus a little for shipping),  the laptop will be on its way.

Believe me,  I am extremely grateful to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Halfway to home – – I have half the cost of a laptop

  1. Great news Jerry! I’m happy to hear that you’ve heard from a fellow supporter. We are behind you brother, and one donation at a time we are going to get you back on your feet. Don’t give up.

    And for the folks reading this thank you for your support. Halfway is good but we’re not there yet. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if you have any questions.

    ~ DS

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