A laptop for $1.00


Well, I don’t know where I can get a laptop for a dollar, but I do know if you’ll put a dollar in the tip jar, it will help me replace the one that was stolen a few weeks ago.

You can read most of the sordid details here.

I’ve been fortunate though.  Several folks have really dug deep to replace the camera, gear and gadgets that were taken in the robbery.  Someone even put out the money so that I could get a replacement for my stolen passport.

Now, I’m just about halfway to getting the last piece of gear I should need for awhile…a laptop.  I’ve got a friend here in Argentina that is letting me borrow his for a few more weeks, but if you could help me get one of my own again, well, that would be appreciated.

Even just a dollar from everyone that reads this would help.


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