Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires and the book signing

Cafe Tortoni. Photo courtesy of Look East, Look West

Starting to look like the book signing event is slowly taking shape. I guess it will be held at Cafe Tortoni here in Buenos Aires, not far from “The Pink House”.

Cafe Tortoni is a cafe (coffeehouse) on Avenida de Mayo (May Avenue) here in town. It was started in 1858 by a guy from France whose last name was Touan. The cafe has been selected by UcityGuides as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world.

Loong a hangout for famous – and infamous – folks from Buenos Aires and Argentina, the cafe has been visited by world famous people including Albert Einstein, Federico Garcia Lorca, Hillary Clinton and Robert Duvall.

In the basement is a stage for jazz and tango artists. Book presentations and poetry contests are also held downstairs

While keeping the décor as it was in the early years, space has been made in the back for a library as well as room to play pool, dominoes and dice.

I’ll let you know when the book signing is.

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