Many of you know how a group called “Nuclear Resisters” ripped off a photo of mine and when I called them on it, they offered up a free subscription to their newsletter as compensation. Maybe they should’ve read this. Ain’t it amazing how they thing laws and rules apply to everyone but them?

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Miss Manners will be the first to tell you that when someone gives you a gift, the proper response is a warm, enthusiastic, “thank you!” in writing. Did you know that when you accept the “gift” of a Creative Commons-licensed work such as a photo or illustration for use in your web projects, Miss Manners would endorse that same, warm, enthusiastic “thank you!” in the form of proper sourcing and attribution? Being a good citizen on the web means demonstrating proper behavior, at all events. Today, we’re going to share the wonder that is Creative Commons and your responsibilities for sourcing and attributing any material you may download there.

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  1. I’m always amazed when I hear of people ripping off artists/writers. It’s so simple to attribute and to follow the rules – Creative Commons and Flickr (which uses CC images) make it SO EASY and straight forward.

    I publish almost every day on sites that require images. I use Flickr most of the time because their Advanced Search section allows you to specify not only the kind of image you want, but the precise type of license you’re looking for. So, since I use the images commercially, I am able to specify CC images for commercial use. It then sorts and gives me a bunch of images to look at. I ALWAYS double check the license to see if I can modify it if I wish to (usually not needed), but the process is almost a no brainer.

    Also, for those who don’t know this, there is a process by which you can report the offending site to Google – and they can have privileges revoked as a result. I’ve never done so (though my stuff has been illegally posted). One stern letter to the perps usually does the trick.

    If anyone knows how you report situations like Jerry went through, I’d love to hear it.

    Thanks for the post Jerry!

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