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Got an email the other day from someone who had written an article about one of my favorite towns in Great Britian  They graciously agreed to let me run it here for you  Here it is:


It is little surprise that the stunning county of Sussex is establishing itself as a firm favourite for visitors from all over the country. In spite of this, you need to make sure you visit at the right time in order to truly get the best out of your holiday. Read on and you will discover some of the best times to visit Sussex in relation to what you want from your holiday.
Sussex encompasses of many different cities and towns. Therefore, when you decide to visit all depends on where you are planning to go. Let’s deal with the lively and colourful city of Brighton first. If you are thinking about visiting this seaside location then it is very much recommended that you do so during the month of May. There is an arts festival that takes place during the entire month and is considered to be the second biggest arts festival in the country. The month is rammed pack with theatre shows, music events, literature experiences, galleries and other visual art occasions. Some of these events are even free to enter.
In addition to this, Eastbourne is a large town that draws in a wealth of tourists year by year. It has only recently excelled as a fashionable tourist resort. Eastbourne is much more than your typical seaside location. The pier is laced with stunning Victorian hotels and the ambience is warm and lively. Considering the fact that Eastbourne’s main pulling point is the seafront, the best time to visit is during the summer months. Average temperature records reveal that August tends to be the hottest month of the year in the town, and thus this is a good time to considering having a vacation there.
Chichester is another fabulous place worth visiting in Sussex. What it offers is a lot different to the locations already mentioned in this article. Chichester is stepped in rich history. It is home to some of the oldest medieval buildings in the whole of Great Britain. If you are looking for culture and intriguing stories then you will love Chichester. The city is well worth a visit at any time of the year; however July is a particularly popular period because the ‘Chichester Festivities’ takes place every year. This is an enjoyable three week festival.
And finally, the list would not be complete without Hastings. The town hosts the battle site of one of the country’s most famous battles; the Battle of Hastings. The place is a popular destination for May Day bank holiday because of the array of events that occur. The following two occasions are the most well known; the Jack-in-the-Green festival and the May Day run. The former includes a May Day parade and other traditional festivities. The latter encompasses thousands of motorbikes taking the long journey from Farnborough to Hastings.
When going on vacation it is pivotal that you go to your desired destination during the right period of the year. Hopefully this article will have enlightened you to some of the best times to visit Sussex.
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