Guest Post: Adventures To Make You Feel Like A Man

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This is a guest post by Nate Miller, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time design enthusiast. He currently represents The Art of Shaving, the best place to look for Shaving Brush online. Besides of design, Nate likes to do sports, his favorite one is windsurfing and tennis.

Sometimes a man needs to take a vacation that makes him feel like a man. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with sitting by a pool while a smiling waitress brings your elaborate, overpriced cocktails, and yet sometimes a man needs to connect with his inner adrenaline junkie. So, what are some of the most dangerous, awe inspiring, manliest holiday activities out there?

Swim With Great White Sharks In Australia

Most great white sharks aren’t man-eaters, although they’ve been known to be man tasters. Most of the time, when a shark attacks a human, it’s because the human has been mistaken for a seal. The shark (and particularly the great white shark) chomps into the supposed seal, realizes that it’s not what was expected, and promptly spits it out. This is not very comforting when the initial chomp has bitten the human clean in half. Humans apparently don’t have the delicious tasting blubber that seals do (although with some humans, there’s probably a similarity). So while there are many shark tour companies operating off the West Australian coast, you should opt for one that places you securely into a shark proof cage before lowering you into the water.

Fathers Day (Vaterstag) in Germany

Most of the time, Fathers Day is a chance to tell your old man how much he means to you, but in Germany it’s the chance to challenge your father to a drinking competition. Starting back in the 17th century, fathers and sons would take a wagon filled with beer and wine and walk the streets, drinking. While public consumption of alcohol is legal in most German cities, the tradition has evolved into a bar hopping afternoon/evening. The wagon is still used though, as whoever passes out first then needs to be pulled around by the rest of the group.

Running Of The Bulls in Spain

We’ve all seen the news footage of the annual running of the bulls in the Spanish city of Pamplona, where eager visitors test their strength and speed and their ability to evade large, fast animals after having consumed too much beer. This last part has become more regulated in recent years, and anyone wishing to participate in this July 7th event needs to actually be sober, presumably to avoid another addition to the list of 15 people who have died while running with the bulls, since record keeping began in 1910.

Climb An Active Volcano In Hawaii

There are plenty of volcanoes to choose from in Hawaii, and there’s even an actual Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The park is home to Kilauea, which happens to be the most active volcano in the world, and you certainly feel alive after hiking to its summit, feeling the heat and inhaling the toxic air (it’s also an excellent anti-smoking incentive).

There are many ways to embrace your masculinity without being a cliché, but sometimes the only way to do it is to stare lava in the face, risk being gored by a large angry bull, or risk alcohol poisoning in Germany. Before indulging in any of these masculine escapes, it might be wise to make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance… one that covers animal attacks.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist.  Currently living and working in Argentina he focuses on social justice issues.  Known internationally for capturing events in a documentary style with an eye towards the aesthetic, his work has appeared in CNN, USAToday, Huffington Post and others.  A nomad at heart, he is always looking for that next gig which will take him over the next hill or around the next curve.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or visit his website, or email him today.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Adventures To Make You Feel Like A Man

  1. I’m not crazy (it just depends whom you ask), but I would love to go for a swim with Great White Sharks! Drinking beer on Father’s Day in Germany with Dad sounds fun, unless, of course, you are already ON the wagon! Having a little fun in this world is only as limited as one’s imagination and a little of that ‘goes a long way’.

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  3. Ain’t it the truth. Another secret to having fun in this world is to learn to say “yes” to new adventures. So many people I know always say “no” and they end up living what was called “a life of quiet desperation”.

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