You gotta have thick skin to lay it all on the line

Sometimes you gotta have thick skin to write on the blog these days.  Almost no matter what you do to try to help folks, there is always some inbred waiting to take a potshot at you.

This blog has grown tremendously over the years.  The numbers are up and growing; popularity is at an all time high and I even have people emailing me asking if they could write something for the blog.  I always say yes.

It’s called “guest blogging”.  Guest blogging is where people who like to write and want to increase their exposure online provides and article or two to an established, recognized writer in exchange for links back to their own blog.

It’s a win-win situation.

But not everyone is sophisticated enough to understand this little barter system.  One peckerhead recently sent me this comment.  Except for leaving their name out, I’ll post it in full…even with the grammatical errors.  I won’t put their name, because I’d like to save them some embarrassment.

Here’s what they said:

dude, you’re not even trying, are you? just phoning this shit in, and breaking your arm patting yourself on the back for it. (shaking head) what a loser you’ve become.

Well, if trying to help someone else increase the popularity of their own blog is being a “loser”, then I’m guilty.
Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist.  Currently living and working in Argentina he focuses on social justice issues.  Known internationally for capturing events in a documentary style with an eye towards the aesthetic, his work has appeared in CNN, USAToday, Huffington Post and others.  A nomad at heart, he is always looking for that next gig which will take him over the next hill or around the next curve.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or visit his website, or email him today.

2 thoughts on “You gotta have thick skin to lay it all on the line

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