I believe I’m ready for the next adventure in this journey called life

Things are about to blow up in Argentina.  The populace has been sick and tired of the bankers, lawyers and corrupt politicians ruining this country.

Earlier this week, Buenos Aires and La Plata saw more rain fall in two hours than they’ve ever seen in the entire month of April.  While some folks reading this would call horrendous rain an “act of God”, here it’s seen (by most) as another failure of the city provincial and national government.

Back in December shortly after I arrived, I was talking to an on the air host of a local radio station.  He told me that many here think that Argentina well be the next Egypt.  Remember Arab spring and the riots?  Could be happening here — just not too soon.

So, in the meantime, I need a gig.

Anyone know someone in Iran? Iraq? somewhere that wants an old, tired, grumpy photojournalist that is willing to work for coffee cigarettes and a few bucks in the tip jar?

If so, feel free to give ’em my name and email.  i don’t work for free, but I work cheap.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist.  Currently living and working in Argentina he focuses on social justice issues.  Known internationally for capturing events in a documentary style with an eye towards the aesthetic, his work has appeared in CNN, USAToday, Huffington Post and others.  A nomad at heart, he is always looking for that next gig which will take him over the next hill or around the next curve.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or visit his website, JourneyAmerica.org or email him today.

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