How to cut down trees in Argentina

Under the topic of “This would never happen in America”, I came across this street scene this morning. The photos that follow show how they cut down trees in Argentina.

In America, the most litigious society on earth, the entire street would be blocked off to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, stores would be closed and 1001 other safety measures put in place.

That’s because in America you have a lawyer waiting on every corner to sue someone and too many people that are ready to sue should something go wrong.

Here in Argentina though, the story is slightly different. Most attorneys have the reputation of being lazy, corrupt, greedy and inefficient. The average citizen knows this so they don’t even waste time going to lawyers.

The result? None of the over-the-top safety measures in place in America are used here in Argentina.

I think America could use less lawyers. And the ones in Argentina? Well, they’re the ones that the old joke was written about: What do you have if you have 100 lawyers lined up on the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A good start.


Get a chain saw…


…a couple of friends with a rope…


…and a guy that can climb a tree like Spiderman going up a building.


Stand back and watch him work 100 feet up in the are.


He can even go from limb to limb like Spiderman.


Make sure to give him a smoke break.


Don’t worry about those pesky cars and buses still on the street below the trees.


Just let him keep working.


I hope this wasn’t a pee break..but who knows.


Don’t be concerned about the limbs falling onto the sidewalk, so what if they hit that storefront or that pedestrian going by.


Here comes another limb to add to the growing pile on the street.


Make sure to let a crowd gather, don’t worry, they won’t sue if they’re hit by falling debris. There’s not a lawyer in Buenos Aires with enough energy to sue.


Be sure to reward your friend with the rope.

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