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Notus, Idaho

Notus Idaho 

I spent June and July of 2012 in and around Idaho. The photographs and stories I collected are all presented here.

Idaho is on the forefront of the activist movement in America.  Under the leadership of Adrienne Evans, Director of UVI,  people all across Idaho are standing up and telling elected officials that enough is enough.

These are their stories.  You need to read them and know them.  Because as goes Idaho, so goes the nation.

Profits from of sale of Notus Idaho during April/May 2013 will be shared with UVI.



Buy “The Homeless”
In March 2013, a new pope was installed. Originally from Buenos Aires, his fellow countrymen celebrated as one of their own rose to world wide office. I spotted this homeless man and his daughter the morning of the installation as hundreds of thousands in and around Plaza de Mayo cheered Pope Francis. Profits from the sale of this piece will be shared with the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires.



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