“Terror in Boston”: The story that Huffington Post rejected.

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NOTE:  The Huffington Post rejected this article as being too “incendiary”.  Let me know what YOU think.  Post a comment

Following the capture of the remaining Boston Bomber suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, crowds filled the avenues of Watertown and celebrated what they believed to be the end of their horrific ordeal.

Looking more like a post-game celebration, major media reported the outpouring where residents could be seen with painted faces and shouting “USA, USA”.

How did all that turn into such a huge “patriotic moment” for Boston and what kind of ‘victory’ was this for America.

Even President Obama got into the ‘spirit’ when he left The Situation Room in typical Hollywood movie fashion to tell New Englanders that they “owed a debt of gratitude to federal and local law enforcement officers and officials”.

Oh, c’mon. Was it really a success?

Was it really a success?

Even after gathering on cue, many around America — and elsewhere — are asking this question of the 9000 law officers, “What have you actually done?”

The biggest urban dragnet in American history failed to find the suspect. He was caught by an old man just having a cigarette break.


The only thing that is clear is that the people of Boston had been conditioned to believe than an overwhelming show of force was necessary in order to make them and the city safe.

For federal and local officials, this was their moment to shine. With the media circus competing for air-time in a bid to make their little piece of the ‘crisis’ relevant, the words of former White House chief of staff, Rahm Emmanual can be heard:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”…

Effectively shut down under the military mandate that included the military commandeering Boston police communications

Commuters coming into Boston were told by highway signs in big bright letters, “Shelter-in-place in effect in Boston”, basically an order to stay indoors.

Following the largest man-hunt in American history, the 19 year old wrestling champion was located only blocks from the original shoot-out that killed his brother.

Even by American standards, watching it unfold on TV was a bizarre spectacle.

For two days, Boston was under what amounted to Martial Law. Every major network — and the White House as well — had already determined that the suspect was the ‘most dangerous fugitive in US history’.

Even after being found bleeding to death in a tarp covered boat in someone’s driveway, the feeding frenzy kept on as well as the accolades and tributes to the bravery of Boston’s finest.

Who really beneifts fro the week’s events. The people of Boston? The American people? As the dust settles there are a few beneficiaries.

After everything is said and done, the TSA and DHS will almost certainly be given new jurisdiction of all major professional and college sporting events.

Despite the cutbacks following the recent budget sequester, you can expect that the TSA and DHS operating budgets will expand resulting in billions of more dollars being poured down the rathole.

Here’s smething that the media experts may want to consider. During the “week of terror” in Boston, terrorist bombs killed hundres of innocent civilians in Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia. Add Syria, Bangladesh, Mali and Thailand to the list.

It should also be noted that much of the terrorist activity in the countries listed was actually initiated and financed by American taxpayer dollars.

4 thoughts on ““Terror in Boston”: The story that Huffington Post rejected.

  1. You know, you’re right. I didn’t think about “Shock Doctrine” at the time i wrote that, but you sure are right. Thanks for posting and for being a reader. Please be sure to stay in touch!

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