Guest Post: Anythony Powell on How to Take Great Photos While Traveling

English: Travel photography

English: Travel photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How To Take Some Great Photos While Travelling

Camera is an essential item to pack in your luggage when you are travelling to unknown exotic foreign lands. It provides you the opportunity to capture the fascination sceneries and locations and later to show them to your friends and family and tell them about the most incredible things you have seen while traveling. However, it is not an easy job to take stunning and exciting photos because it takes a lot of practice and preparation to take picture that you will love.

Top Travel Photography Tips:

Following lines illustrate some instructions that will help your from beginning of your journey till the end to take sensational photos that you can cherish forever.

  • Think Extra Storage:

It is a big disaster to run short of your storage capacity in the middle of your memorable sojourn. Furthermore, it is also quite lamentable to delete some of your most precious memories to clear the space for more photos. Never forget to keep abundance of SD cards with you so that you do not have to miss any single moment because at some places you might not get them locally.

  • Get Composed and Compact:

You might also need a tripod to keep your camera steady if you are going to capture all the exquisite landscapes and breathtaking and mesmerizing sunset especially when you are using low shutter speeds. In this regard, there are many high quality varieties of tripod available in the market that are not only cheap but are very easy to carry during the journey.

  • Find New Perspectives:

Architecture, no matter it is a historic building or a famous landmark usually sets one place apart from the rest. Therefore, look for some unique and aesthetically designed buildings and statues and you can get really get interesting and stunning pictures by shooting them from different angles and perspectives. Try to zoom in on details to get the extra composure on the beautiful textures to increase the value of your photo.

  • The Locals:

If you want to add character to your image, never forget to shoot locals that you meet. However, do ask for permission politely and if someone agrees, ask him or her to pose for you. You can also visit local festivals and fairs to shoot people in their traditional dress to make your photo even more enticing.

  • Wonderful Wildlife:

Make the most of your photo by capturing the unique wildlife you will not find at home. In addition, you might get a rare chance to take photos of some exotic and extinct animals in their most natural habitat without any fence or protective coverings. However, you need not to hire a safari but an unfamiliar flying bird will make an unforgettable picture for you.

A Photo Tour:

A photography tour is an exceptional and enjoyable method to find new ideas and tips for photography. It also guarantees that you return home with some wonderful pictures to show to others.


These are some of the tips that will help you to take some brilliant and memorable photographs during your travel to different part of the world.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Powell usually writes on arts and crafts, photography and ideas to make your favorite photos memorable by online canvas printing. He also writes tips to print photos on canvas cheap to make your great work admirable and attractive.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America.  Currently living in Argentina he follows the Kirchner administration, Pope Francis and other things around Buenos Aires that don’t interest anyone but him.  Contact Jerry today to have him cover your story.

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