My brain dead stalker speaks

Could this be “Trip Cross”? Or just an actor portraying him?

Well, I’ve decided to do it. After some external advice and internal debate, I’ve decided to share some of my stalkers ramblings with you.

Why? Oh, a couple of reasons.

First, I think it’s kind of funny. Some no name, no brain anonymous twit feels that I am worth a few minutes of his day. I appreciate the attention and to think that he would invest a little time into my life and ramblings is hilarious.

Second, I like to share laughs with friends. Mr. “Trip Cross” is a great example of people who write (and talk) not about what they know, but what about they think they know.

Ever meet someone like that?

In a recent message from him, he said: (Note: I’ve edited it just slightly to avoid the excess profanity that he used. I believe that the amount of cursing a person spouts out is in direct and inverse proportion to their intelligence; so, to save this mental midget some more embarrassment, I’ve censored the cussing.)

“Let me ask you this: Do you really think that purposefully obscuring the words of a mother whose kid was killed by George Bush is “reasonably minded”? No, deleted, that is the act of lilly-livered deleted, a deleted coward. I’m surprised you can look at yourself in the mirror after that deleted.”

I have no idea what this means. How do you “obsure words”. And who is the mother he’s talking about? And what words?

Something else he said in the same post:

“But just like I figured, you’re not in Argentina at all, are ya, sport? Anymore than you were in Idaho? You’re just down south in the drunk tank, aintcha?”

Well, if I’m not in Argentina then I’m having one of the sweetest dreams I’ve ever had, so please don’t wake me up. Wasn’t in Idaho? Yep, was there for six terrific weeks. Met some great folks, many of which I’m still in touch to this day. One day Ale and I will be going back to visit them.

So there is the reply you asked for amigo. Now, do us all a favor, take your medicine, go see your doctor and let me know when your mental delusions clear up.

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