How an amateur photog can quit screwing themselves and others in one easy step

I’ve been hollering about amateur photographers for awhile now. While I agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with being an amateur photog — we all had to start someplace — my beef is saved for those morons who will “sell a picture” for a few bucks and their name and print and then go on to tell people they’re a photographer.

My beef with them? They’re cheating themselves out of money AND driving down the market for those of us who make our living in photography.

Take a look at the results of this survey conducted recently.

Understand, these figures are just for DAY RATES. What’s a “day rate”?

It’s how much you as a photographer will charge someone just to show up at the gig. The amounts shown in the graph don’t include the photographs, post processing, delivery or the 101 other things that go into a typical shoot. THIS IS JUST THE DAY RATE…

So you look-at-me-I-got-fifty-bucks-I-must-be-a-photographer types, stop cheating yourselves out of income and stop screwing up the market for the rest of us.

DISCLAIMER: I lifted the graphic from this website, I suggest you follow the link, read everything on that page and then sign up for the free webinar so you can learn how to price yourself accordingly.


Jerry Nelson is a freelance photographer currently living and working in Argentina.  In addition to this blog, he also writes for Examiner, Huffington Post, CNN, USAToday and others.  Email Jerry to contract him for your next shoot.

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