Argentina is on the brink of disaster: One response

NOTE: Every so often I get a response to a blog or article that is awesome…even though I disagree with much of what the writer of the reply wrote.  The fact that they took the time to write an extended response is gratifying and deserves attention.

One such response was to my recent HuffPo article about Argentina and the coming financial collapse.

Here’s the original comment along with some of my thoughts in italics.  What do YOU think.  Feel free to join in the conversation.

I’m sorry, but that article speaks without any vestige of the truth.
Yes, there have been multitudinous manifestations against the government. But the people there were mostly middle-high-class, while the lower class of Argentina is still in favor of the government, and it represents the vast majority. Also, the last manifestation, which was the one against the democratization of justice, had from five to ten thousand participants, much less than in other occasions, such as 18A. Where are the hundreds of thousands there?

The lower class of Argentina is still in favor of the government and it represents the vast majority.* Those few words right there should be a clue about the health of the economy here. The fact that the lower class is in the VAST majority.

Furthermore, the fact that our relationship with the IMF is weak is actually on purpose. This has been so even since Nestor Kirchner spoke against paying our whole debt (debt which was, at first, private, but was made public by the “government” from the last dictatorship when it got out of hands for the poor private sector), more than five years ago. We don’t want any saving from the US (who should probably be attending their own economy, rather than spending money on anyone else). Why? Because we know how that ends!

…our relationship with the IMF is … actually on purpose. WTF? If this were true, then why did Kirchner get her panties in such a wad when the IMF did their thing?

“Many in the opposition feel it’s time that Kirchner stop stepping around the economic failures by picking fights with other governments, concentrate on its own problems and start giving CPR to the national economy.” Are you kidding me? The number of jobs, the PBI, and PBN, have been going up ever since these people were elected. The growth wasn’t as incredible in the last year, yes, but that is explained in my last paragraph.

…numbr of jobs…have been going up… Yes? Where? Even college graduates are happy to work at McDonalds…that is IF they can find a job!

And I’m not even mentioning the social and cultural advances in the last decade!

Let’s see. Bardo raided by the cops and patients evicted. San Martin Cultural Center sandbagged. Yep, looks like “advances” to me too. And these two situations just arose within the past six months. If a person goes back even further in time…say the last decade…they will find many more instances of “social and cultural advances…” that just ain’t so.

I’m sorry, but there won’t be another 2001 anytime soon. There was one a decade ago because we had been following the advice of the people that think the way the guy that wrote that article does. Depending on “savings” from other countries, deepening debt (which, if you have been following the process of how the interests of the external debt in Argentina are being paid, you’d know is not the current reality), reducing our industrial productivity, relying only in agriculture for our economy, and so on.

Even the governments OWN economists are predicting another 2001 if the administration doesn’t make some drastic changes soon. And those aren’t my words, they come from the governments OWN finance folks.

Yes, we are in the middle of a big crisis. But that’s because THE WHOLE WORLD is in the middle of a tremendous crisis. The reason why we are not another Spain or Greece, is because this government saw it coming, and invested in creating jobs, industries, and an internal market.
But that’s not the way North America likes his Third World countries, and that’s why the writer seems so thrilled in seeing the rich people complain, while he gives his back to one of the major economical crisis HIS country is having.
Because, I can tell you, we already had our share, and our people are not going back there.

Please show me where the government has created “…jobs, industries and an internal market.” I’d love to see it and so would the Cartoneros who are seeing their numbers increase daily.

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. You can read some of my other articles online in places such as Huffington Post and elsewhere.

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