VFP99 fawns all over Cindy Sheehan, revealing their gullibility

sheehangraveI just read online that Cindy Sheehan is speaking in Asheville this weekend.  I think everyone knows her name and her story, so I won’t repeat it here.

But I will say that she was a grieving mother who got co-opted by some political forces for their own good.  Swept up into the limelight and notoriety, Cindy got carried away with herself and started to believe her own press clippings — even challenging Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat.

Now the Asheville VFP (Veterans for Peace) has gotten swept up in the “We Love Cindy” movement which in, the rest of America, is on life support — only in Asheville does Cindy still hold the status of grieving mother.

Why has the world of clear headed thinkers turned its back on Cindy?  Several reasons.  But the story about the fact that it took her two years to get a gravemarker on her son’s grave is one of the most telling.

Poor old Cindy.  Her son is gone and so most of the limelight that she enjoyed. Except for a few misguided and ill-informed members of VFP99 in Asheville, NC, the activist world in particular and the world in general have turned their backs on this train wreck.

But why do I dislike Cindy so much?  She started out on the right path and quickly allowed herself to get diverted.  Despite the warnings of some good friends who have since abandoned her and her bizarre behavior, she decided to start believe that the anti-war movement couldn’t continue without her.

A telling incident from her own life is her foot dragging in buying a gravemarker for the son who she publicly grieved for.

For two years, and even after a DOD payment of $250,000 life insurance to the “Peace Mom”, she did not have the time and couldn’t be bothered to have a headstone placed on her son’s grave.

During the two years that her son’s grave went unmarked, Sheehan could find time to protest on at least 3 continents, get arrested various times, go on vacation in Hawaii, have photo ops with the Marxists in Venezuela but couldn’t find the time to properly mark her son’s grave.

But what a strong lady. Even though she couldn’t be bothered to buy a grave marker for her son, she was able to treat herself to a brand new convertible.


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