Easy ways to turn your wildlife photos into something spectacular

Jerry Kirkhart's Montaña de Oro Hazard Tidepoo...

Jerry Kirkhart’s Montaña de Oro Hazard Tidepool Digital Photo Walk 15 March 2008 (Photo credit: mikebaird)

With great digital cameras easily available and affordable to the general public, everyone fancies themselves a photographer and most people can now achieve a good photo. However, what turns that good photo into a great one that you want to get printed and hang on your wall? Follow these easy tips to turn your wildlife photography into something spectacular!

Pick your subject

There is wildlife to photograph everywhere, although travelling to a luxury lodge in South Africa to photograph the iconic King of the Jungle may be wonderful, you can also choose to photograph a tiny frog or butterfly at your local pond. It is about choosing your subject, researching what type of image you are after and observing the habits of your chosen subject so you know exactly how to get that perfect image before you have even taken your camera out of its bag.

Know your equipment

Knowing your camera and what it can do will immensely improve your wildlife photography. Even a simple point-and-shoot camera has an extensive array of functions to help you achieve the perfect balance of colour and to create stunning visual effects. Make sure you know what your camera can do before you venture out into the wild and ensure you have any accessories that you need to get that ideal picture!


Think about your composition

The difference between a good photo and a great one is often the composition. Ensure you create an interesting composition, play around with close-up and wide angle shots and get on the same eye-level with your subject to create an interesting picture. Remember the “rule of thirds” and use it as a guideline for your composition.

Use the day to your advantage

Go filming in the middle of the day and you are bound to walk away with nothing spectacular. Instead use your day to your advantage. Make full use of soft morning light and romantic evenings and don’t be afraid to go out in the rain or the mist as often the most interesting photos are captured in these unusual conditions.

Learn how to edit

Some simple photo-editing techniques can take your photo from good to great. Learn the easy things like colour adjusting, brightness and contrast and how to sharpen your image. Be careful not to overdo it as you could end up creating something completely unrealistic but for a wildlife photographer – Photoshop truly is your friend.

This guest article was submitted by Janine Mare. Janine works developing the text and images for the travel booking websites; South African Hotels and South African Lodges.

JERRY NELSON is a freelance photographer living and working in Argentina.  Specializing in covering social justice issues, he is currently focused on corruption within the Kirchner administration which is bringing Argentina’s economy to its knees and creating a whole generation of homeless.  You can help Jerry keep up his work by clicking here.

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