Where did Argentina go wrong?

Map of Argentina with it's terrain levels

Map of Argentina with it’s terrain levels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My impression of Argentina is that the populace owns every bit of the failure as a nation. Argentina produces great individuals, but as a group, well, they tend to do the wrong things for the right reasons… every single time.

Once upon a time, the country had a political class that had a vision of what this country could be. Despite having different visions, they shard the passion and determination to stand behind their ideas for the common good. Rosas, Lavalle, Sarmeinto — just to name a few — were the visionaries that could see the path to better things.


Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist living and working in Argentina.  When not busy turning the spotlight on the government, he is available for weddings, portraits and events.  Contact him today.

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