Argentina Economics: Too hot for The Huffington Post to Touch

Español: Ex primer ministro Español Felipe Gon...

Español: Ex primer ministro Español Felipe Gonzalez saluda a Presidenta Cristina Fernandez durante funeral de Nestor Kirchner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NOTE:  This article was submitted to The Huffington Post where I am a regular contributor.  They rejected this article saying it was too hot an issue.  

The sun glinted off of the candescent fuselage as the plane lifted off from Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires. Banking slowly north, the pilot set the course for Houston.

It would be a long trip and after several hours cooling their heels in Houston’s airport, some of the passengers would be heading towards Central America and a small nondescript country known as Belize.

Aboard the Boeing 737 were 135 people or “souls” as used in the industry.

Also onboard was Sylvia*. She hated the 737. She always felt a nervous weakening in her stomach when she had to fly on Boeing’s most popular plane.

As usual, there was more than just the plane that made her nervous. Above her in the overhead storage were two grey and black carry ons that contained the hidden reason for her weekly trips to Belize — One million dollars.

Lonely Planet South America: On a Shoestring (Shoestring Travel Guide)

Starting about a year after her childhood friend Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner assumed the role of President of Argentina following her husband’s death, Sylvia has been making this trip

Born and raised in Ringuelet, a suburb west of La Plata, Kirchner and Sylvia would be seen together almost every day. From sharing lunches in elementary school to sharing secrets as teenagers, the girls were inseparable until the day that Kirchner began studying law at the National University of La Plata where she would meet her future husband and future President of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner.

When Nestor died after suffering a heart attack in 2010, Cristina stepped up and became his successor.

A year later, her plan to guarantee her retirement was put in place and Sylvia was given a call.

Taking a page from the playbook of her late husband’s nemesis, Carlos Menem, CFK saw the route to financial stability for herself even if it left millions of Argentines teetering on insolvency.


While simutaneously blocking the sale of US dollars to Argentines, she would have trusted aides pack one million dollars into two backpacks and prepare the for handing over to her most trusted confidante, Sylvia.

Sylvia is not alone however, Kirchner has surrounded herself with others that are as wickedly greedy and corrupt as herself.

Lazaro Baez
Many dollars are being laundered by Lazaro Baez, an old friend of Nestor’s in Santa Cruz province who has become a billionaire in Santa Cruz during Nestor Kirchner’s administration. Not bad for someone who labored in obscurity as an average, lowly bank clerk. Kirchner channeled 82% of the state contracts towards his old friend and CFK continues the family tradition today.

Nilda Garre
The head of the Ministry of Security in Argentina, Garre has been repeatedly described by Kirhner as a “good friend”.

Formerly part of a terrorist military organization in the 1970s called “Montoneros”, Garre was known as “Commandante Teresa” at a time the Montoneros was responsible for planting bombs and the deaths of thousands of Argentines.

Kirchner, along with her late husband Nestor were also members of the Montoneros at the same time Garre was. Together the three of them have become millionaires by stealing peoples money as well as “liberating” the companies and personal belongings of business owners saying they “are using the goods for social justice; to give aid to the poor”.

This “aid” never has gotten to the poor, but has been kept by themselves, friends and family.


Alicia Kirchner
Sister of ex-president Nestor Kirchner, Alicia is a leader of a group called “Koina” which is disguised as a social organization; Koina is actually a group of armed militants working to keep the president in power and remove any opposition.

With the blessings of CFK, Alicia Kirchner has “purchased” federally owned land for pennies on the dollar and has resold that land for millions. Stealing from the Argentine populace for personal enrichment has a long history among the Kirchner’s and their family.

Corruption and Democracy in Latin America (Pitt Latin American Studies)

Wag the Dog
With all this corruption swirling around CFK, she has to find ways to divert public awareness. With the deftness of a magician, she talks about starting wars with Britian over the Malvinas and has discussed with aides the possibility of taking over territories in Chile.


Political rallies as theatre
While CFK speaks frequently at political rallies which her government organizes, they are primarily venues for her to speak about herself and all the “good” she’s done for Argentina.

With the audience deliberately made up of poor and disenfranchised, CFK and her government pay these shanty town residents from 20 – 50 pesos to attend where they get served a Choripan (sausage sandwich) and cheap wine that comes in cardboard containers.

The rally is videotaped and then showed repeatedly on national television creating the illusion of a broad base of political support.

Eva Peron and Nazi Jewelry
Hiding behind the lie of Peronism, Kirchner has many items of jewelry that originally belong to Eva “Evita” Peron.

“Evita” was given millions of dollars in jewelry and art by the Nazis who sought asylum in Argentina after WWII. Since much of the jewelry was taken from the Jews killed in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Kirchner is implicitly giving her support to the holocaust.

With all of the bribery, theft and corruption going on in The Pink House, an honest question someone would have to ask would be “Why”?

The answer may be found in an old letter written by the French diplomat, Joseph de Maistre, on August 15, 1811:

“Every country has the government it deserves.”


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