Guest Post: 3 Hot Tips For Using LinkedIn to Secure a Job

linkedin_256In today’s business environment, seeking and securing a job has become an increasingly difficult task. With the economy still lingering in higher than expected unemployment rates, finding and securing a job has only become more difficult. Employers have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, and are also inundated with more applicants than they can talk to.
So how do you go about effectively prospecting for, and securing your dream job? One strategy for helping you do this is by using  the popular business networking tool, LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of the business world. When used properly it’s an extremely powerful tool for reaching out to, and connecting with potential employers.
To help you use LinkedIn effectively, here are 3 powerful tips for using the network for securing a job:
1. Fill your profile with valuable, and credible information
The value of LinkedIn starts with your profile. You can think of it as your online resume. It’s an opportunity to list previous work experience, accomplishments, and even be recommended by previous co-workers.
Often times employers will do a quick Google search of your name before giving you a call. When doing their initial research on you if they happen to find your LinkedIn profile filled with relevant data & great recommendations then you’re much more likely to receive the call.
2. Use LinkedIn’s job search tool
LinkedIn isn’t only a powerful networking tool! It also has a job search portal where employers can directly place job listings on the site. Unlike other job posting sites, listings aren’t scraped from sites like CareerBuilder, or so they’re guaranteed to be fresh and active job openings.

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3. Reach out to key contacts
This is one of the most powerful secrets about how to use LinkedIn effectively to secure a job, and when used in combination with tip #1 it can increase your likelihood of receiving an interview by a huge amount.
Lets say you’d like to get a job at Acme Marketing Co. You find a job listing on, and you know that the job reports to the Director of Marketing. You can use this information to head over to LinkedIn, do a search for “Director of Marketing” at “Acme Marketing Co” and find the exact individual who’s looking to hire you.
Many LinkedIn users accept messages, and you can write a quick note to let them know that you’ve applied for their opening, and that you’d like to schedule a time to chat about how you can be a part of their team. It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how many applicants submit resumes, then never come back to check on them. This simple act of reaching out is guaranteed to increase your likelihood of securing an interview!
Author Bio:
Shelby is a rising business professional that’s used the exact tips mentioned above to secure 2 different jobs in the online marketing space over the past 4 years. He has a passion for helping others, and also enjoys writing. He currently blogs about top news stories at his blog, ThePepp.

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