Guest Post: Harley Saddlebags

Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Harley-Davidson motorcycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harley Saddlebags for Transporting Drinks
There are lots of different uses for motorcycle saddlebags but some people have more specific needs than others. Some friends of mine who are party animals and love to travel around in a group need a good way to transport their drinks. They recently asked me what would be the best saddlebag to carry wine and other alcoholic drinks, as well as soda bottles. My answer was Harley bags, for a number of reasons that set them apart from their competitors.

Protecting your items
Harley Saddlebags have a hard shell fiberglass body, which can prevent breakages of the bottles. It offers more protection to the bottles so even if your ride is not as smooth as you would like you should still find your items are in good shape. It stops the surface getting damaged or scratched in some way and is especially useful for anyone who wishes to transport glass bottles, as these needs to be handled very carefully. It also means the bag stays rigid and maintains its shape so the contents are less likely to be affected by any bumps or jolts while you ride.

Keeping them in good condition
Another advantage of Harley Davidson bags is that they are airtight and waterproof which will prevent evaporation of these times. Being waterproof means that in any weather your products will still be protected and you can lift them out of your bag in the same condition in which they went in. Any packaging will not be damaged by water and the actual liquids themselves won’t be affected. Being airtight means that the saddlebags will not allow any liquid to evaporate from your soda and alcohol, and also it means that any fizzy drinks will remain that way. It keeps out the air from the outside so will prevent any contamination and will keep the bottles safe and clean.

Why are they the best?
Harley motorcycle bags are the best as they are beautifully crafted and are the best option for anyone who owns a Harley Davidson motorbike. If you want saddlebags that you can transport drinks in, why not also choose the ones that look amazing and can hold a good amount of luggage. You can choose whatever shape or size will be best for you and will fit best on your bike. These bags can offer the best protection and are also well made and will make you stand out when on the road.

Mark has been writing about motorcycle rides and how they can be made even more pleasing by ensuring little things. This piece of information is particularly about how saddlebags for Harley help during a ride in different ways.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist and Harley fan from America.  Now living in Argentina, he continues to turn his lens on social justice issues around the globe.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today.

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