Interested in underwater photography? This will make a great read!

TekDiverPhot - Lee B

Hi and welcome to my new blog!

Well I’ve got to say I’ve never done anything like this before. I guess my aim that i wish to achieve is to get my thoughts experiences and passion for diving/photography out there! Ill be posting quite a lot of my underwater photos that I’ve taken! Feel free to comment! Ill be honest ha i type “bad english” but im sure that will improve over time!

A bit about me then………

Well im Lee, for starters. Ive been diving now for around 13 years! I started right at the bottom of the food chain. Ha i did my Padi bubble-maker first. Ive progressed over the years (slowly) and im now into Technical Diving or Trimix. If im totally honest though diving is diving to me…. If theres something at 1.5m to see that interests me give me a lifetime at that depth!


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