Team Rubicon goes into Oklahoma

English: Map showing the location of Moore wit...

English: Map showing the location of Moore within the state of Oklahoma and Cleveland county. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know that I seldom handout endorsements.  Every so often though a group comes along that catches my eye.  Team Rubicon is one such group.  A voluntary team of veterans that work hard to be the first responders in when disaster strikes.  They’re getting ready to help with the devastation in Oklahoma and need your assistance.


As the tornadoes disappear over the horizon, people start moving around slowly.  Emerging from their hiding places, they find their homes destroyed and over fifty of their friends and neighbors dead.
Still in shock from the 2 mile wide tornado that ripped through this neighborhood, the questions will start coming soon.  On top of that list will be, “What do we do now.”

While lumbering organizations, that consist mainly of paper pushers, pack boxes and supplies, one group of veterans is already moving towards the broken homes and lives.

In Inglewood, California there is a group of vets who are preparing to be among the first to respond to the devastation.

Team Rubicon is launching Operation: Starting Gun and within hours of the first call for help they will have surveyors on the ground, reviewing the damage and assessing the needs.



While Team Rubicon sends in the first responders, they realize they can’t pretend to replace what has been lost, but they are in the midst of utilizing every resource at their disposal to help the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

A spokesman for Team Rubicon says, “By tomorrow we will have initial assessment teams on the ground. Within days we will have mobilized a full response to help the people affected by this devastating disaster. We need your help. Please consider supporting us in our response, and keep the people of Moore, OK in your thoughts and prayers.”

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