Argentina and Koinonia: Both Inept Socialist States Are Failing

English: presidential standard of Argentina Es...

English: presidential standard of Argentina Español: Bandera presidencial de Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NOTE: When I contacted Koinonia for their response to this piece before being submitted to New York Times, their only statement was, “All organizations have problems”.

Yogi Berra said, “Deja vu all over again”. I experienced some of that yesterday.

May 25 was one of Argentina‘s big celebrations. Meant to be the anniversary of it’s declaration of independence from Spain, it was more like a music festival, political rally, carnival and circus all rolled into one.

Walking around through center city, I was struck first by the idea that I had been here before and seen all of this propaganda being put out by (Argentina) President Cristina Kirchner and her Kirchnerites.

Then I realized I had been here before, just not in this time and this place.

In southwest Georgia in America, there is a community called Koinonia. On it’s website, it calls itself an “intentional Christian community. In practice, it’s not and this is where the community of Koinonia and the government of Argentina parallel.

Argentina has Kirchner. Koinonia has “stewards”. Both rule with an authoritan hand and are only in their position of leadership through an accident of timing.

Kirchner’s late husband, Nestor, was also her predecessor. If she hadn’t bee Ms. Kirchner then, she wouldn’t be in the job now.

The “stewards” at Koinonia are not in their currennt positions because of any special skill, talents or abilities. They happened to be at Koinonia when the decision was made in 2005 to change the way the community operated.

And like Kirchner, if they hadn’t been present when the decisions were made, they would never make it today if they were forced to meet the qualifications which they have laid out for others.

Kirchner’s sole preparation for her job was being First Lady and a so-so political player.

At Koinonia, the stewards are “led” by a young couple who have no training, education or experience in leading a community.

Both brand new “christians” when they assumed leadership, they were each within months of their last round with addictive substances. While no one can fault someone for turning their lives around and making some positive changes, typically you don’t put someone in a position of leadership who has never completed anything successfully other than a basket weaving course at some liberal arts school or whose claim to fame was climbing one of the highest bridges in Cincinatti half naked.

Selfish, immature and manipulative, the two — who happen to be married to each other — constantly exhibit fear and loathing for anyone who just might have a different way of accomplishing the same goal.

Just like Kirchner in Argentina.

While banishment to a remote island as punishment for disagreeing is no long practiced in Argentina, the habit of marginalizing the opposition is still in vogue.

Just like at Koinonia. Unable to tolerate open, honest disagreement, The stewards first marginalize anyone who dares to question the “accepted” way of doing things and have banished people from their community who were too vocal or too consistent in their questioning of why things are done.

A reflection of the low self-esteem with which the leaders view themselves, banishment only serves to continue the inbred and incestuous thinking that has created numerous problems over the years.

Just like in Argentina.

Kirchner’s administration has experienced sufficiently high turnover through the years. People come into the administration eager to make a difference and bring about a change only to be disillusioned when they get a peek behind the curtain.

Same as at Koinonia.

The process of becoming a member of Koinonia is long and tortuous. While the so-called leaders claim that the process is meant to ensure that like minded people are allowed into the community, the process is meant more to brain wash people into the “right” way of thinking and behaving.

Thus, while endless parties with plenty of booze are allowed on the screened in porch of Jubilee House, anyone that questions the morality of that is shown the door and forbidden to continue the upward climb.

Just like in Argentina.

The parallels between Argentina and Koinonia are striking and a person would be well warned to be alert for what truly goes on in both places.

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