I wonder how long before the nut jobs point to Edward Snowden as a hero

I’ve got an idea for a Hollywood movie.

Let’s take a high school dropout, put him in Hawaii, pay him $200,000 a year and his best friends will be agents with a secretive American spy agency.

Oh, wait. That has already happened — just not in Hollywood.

If you believe some of the things that Edward Snowden, 29, PRISM Whistleblower and former techie geek for the CIA is saying then you’ve already read the storyline behind my blockbuster movie.

Also, if you believe it, you’re probably one of those gullible, conspiracy-behind-every-tree nutjobs.

In a recent interview Snowden had with Guardian’s Glen Greenwald, Snowden stepped forward to take responsibility for the latest round of leaks.

His leak consisting of spreading the word about PRISM, a top secret program of the U.S. government which has the ability to listen in on every phone conversation and read every email sent.

Just a couple of problems with his story.

First, PRISM has been going on since the late 60s. While it wasn’t called PRISM and there certainly weren’t emails or internet to intercept, America has had the ability to eavesdrop on people’s phone conversations worldwide for decades.

At a now-closed and formerly secret government facility located in Virginia’s Dismal Swamp, a joint effort between the U.S. and NATO had the ability to listen in on every phone coversation in the world as early as 1975.

I know, because I was there.


But more than that, there are some more things that blow holes in Snowden’s “Secret Agent Man” claims.

In the interview, Snowden says, “I don’t want public attention because I don’t want the story to be about me. I want it to be about what the US government is doing.”

Oh yah? There were MANY ways that Snowden could’ve revealed the information and remained anonymous — if that is what he truly wanted.

Snowden claims that as he packed his bags to head to Hong Kong, the told his girlfriend that he had to be away fro a few weeks although he didn’t give her a reason.

In the interview Snowden says, “That is not an uncommon occurrence for someone who has spent the last decade working in the intelligence world.”

C’mon buddy! You did NOT work in the intelligence world. You were a techie who’s only job was to maintain (according to you) computer network security. That is NOT a job that has you running through alleys and jumping trash cans as you fight to protect justice.

Anyone with an open mind can watch the interview and see many other holes big enough to drive an intelligence agency through.

My prediction is that before this story is over and the media has moved on to something else, we will learn more about this alleged super agent.

Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agen...

Seal of the C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America.  His latest book of photography, Suenitos tells the story of the only daycare inside the dangerous Hidden City.  Now based in Argentina, he continues to turn his lens on social justice issues around the globe.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today. Follow this link to read more of his work on Huffington Post and Examiner.  Have a story that needs to reach national media?  Email him today.

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