Guest Post: How Linkedin Can Land Your Dream Job

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If you’ve been around the internet for the last 5 years, you’re probably familiar with social media such as Facebook and twitter. These sites are great for connecting with family, friends and even your favorite celebrities. But what if social media could help you land your dream job? Or maybe help you land a job you don’t hate going to everyday. That’s where Linkedin comes into play.

Linkedin is a social media site for professionals. It is a way for you to connect with co-workers or other professionals in your network. You can also connect with groups that share similar interests or professions. But how is it going to help you land a job? I spoke with NPG Internet owner Jeremy Hurse and he said, “all of our hires have come through Linkedin. It allows us to not only check out their profile, but also see what kind of authority they have in their field.” Here are some tips to be one of the millions that find their job on Linkedin.

1) Complete your Profile
This is very important, essentially it’s your online resume. Make sure to past your current and previous jobs, as well as your responsibilities at these jobs. Also, putting a current picture of yourself is a nice touch. Personally I have had recruiters reach out to me about positions through my Linkedin profile. Employers today are always looking to see what kind of presence you have online. Making sure your Linkedin profile is up to date and accurate is a good sign. One of the other cool facts about your profile is you can actually see who has viewed your profile, which is great, especially if it’s someone from a potential employer.

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2) Job Section
This is pretty self explanatory, much like job websites, there is a jobs section of Linkedin dedicated just for jobs. You can browse by location and use keywords related to your career to filter through them. You can also see if anyone in your network is connected to that job or company you are interested in. If so, you have a better chance of having your resume looked at. The good thing about Linkedin jobs are that you can actually see when a recruiter has viewed your resume, as well as how many applications they have received for the position. That’s always a good thing to know.

3) Connect
This is one thing you certainly can go without doing, but it really helps you build yourself up as someone of authority in your field. Being connected with successful professionals in your field or at your company will give people the impression that you are successful and professional as well. Get recommendations from people for your particular skill set, this shows recruiters that you aren’t just talking about what you can do, you’re doing it. Also joining groups in your career field is another great way to not only connect with other people, but also for recruiters to find you. They may not have a mutual connection, but they may be checking out a group you’re in and see your profile stand out.


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