*Argentina cartel de la droga: Introduction

*Argentina drug cartel

It was cold as the 7 men climbed out of the truck. Rubbing their hands together and pulling their woolen coats and jackets closer around their shoulders, they glanced at their watches as they moved to the firepit.

Someone tossed in a couple of logs and others threw some twings and leaves on. They weren’t worried about being spotted, most of them worked for the government anyway.

What they were worried about though was something different and more troublesome. Would the plane that they were expecting to land in about half an hour show up on time or would they have to spend another night freezing in the north Argentina night as the plane and it’s pilot turned and went back to Colombia without ever setting down on Argentine soil.

It’s a story that stretches from the Mexican drug cartels to the southern coast of Argentina back up to the fabled “Pink House”.

Government officials, bureaucrats, Argentine Mafia and even the Catcholic church all have roles to play in this story of crime, murder, corruption and skullduggery.

At stake are millions of dollars, national reputations and security for some of the roughtest criminals that have ever had their images put on Wanted Posters.

Through a series of circumstances over the past few weeks, I’ve brushed up against this world.

The story is one that’s long and involved and will be a challenge as well as take weeks to unravel and pull each thread of information from it’s hiding place.

I’m fortunate though. I have an inside source that has spent twenty years compiling, collecting and writing about his discoveries.

A former chief engineer with the Argentine Merchant Marine, he has written volumes about the corruptioin at the highest levels that make it possible for the drugs on the plane to land safely and head south along bumpy roads before gliding onto the interstates leading into Buenos Aires.

Join me on the trip, the adventure and let’s see where this tale takes us.

 Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America.  His latest book of photography, Suenitos tells the story of the only daycare inside the dangerous Hidden City.  Now based in Argentina, he continues to turn his lens on social justice issues around the globe.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today.  Have a story that needs to reach national media?  Email him today.

In addition to being photo editor for the Internet’s largest collection of Travel Articles, Outbounding, he is also the lead photographer for BuenosTours, the specialists in private walking tours of Buenos Aires

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