Guest Post: Travel the Emerald Isle

Whether you’re travelling with your family or going on a solo vacation, travelling to Ireland is the perfect place to go. There is a wide array of scenery for beautiful pictures and fun activities. If you are looking for city life or just want to escape into the natural green hills, Ireland offers you the perfect travel destination .

The country’s capital, Dublin, has a lot to offer. From the centre of the city all the way to the suburb outskirts, Dublin boasts beautiful architecture and is home to many young and eclectic Irish. In the centre of the city is Trinity College, one of the oldest colleges in the world and home to the Book of Kells. You can also find plenty of shopping, the Dublin Castle, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral among many other things. If you head northeast of the city, you’ll find a small, coastal town called Howth. It’s the perfect day trip for yourself or your entire family. You can walk around the harbour where you’ll find fishermen doing their day-to-day activities, seals swimming in the bay, and a spectacular view of Ireland’s eye. If you enjoy hillwalking, you can hike up the Howth Summit and walk along the Cliffs of Howth.

Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher are arguably the most beautiful natural attraction in Ireland. The cliffs are located in Co. Clare in western Ireland and raise 120 metres above the Atlantic Ocean to create magnificent scenery that is absolutely breath taking. The cliffs are enjoyable for anyone. Whether you spend a couple hours at the cliffs or decide to hang out the entire day, you’ll have lots of amazing photo opportunities.

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway is located in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. It consists of over 40,000 intertwining basalt columns, a result of volcanic eruptions. Though scientists have their own explanation for how the rocks formed the way they did, many Irish and tourists let their mind wonder about a time when the giants built the causeway themselves. You can climb the stones, walk across a rope bridge, have a picnic, or just enjoy the seaside. The choice is yours, but no matter what you decide, you’ll be sure to have amazing photo opportunities.

Galway is located in central-west Ireland on the coast. Galway is often known as Ireland’s cultural heart because it’s vibrant lifestyle. Though Galway is much smaller than Dublin, it has just as many fun things to do. You can visit one of many Cathedrals, one being the Church of Ireland St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, which is the largest medieval church still in use in Ireland. Galway is also known to speak the true Irish language. Though most people still use English, it is common to hear two Irish people speaking to each other in Irish.

Wicklow Mountains National Park
The Wicklow Mountains National Park, located southwest of Dublin, is a beautiful mountainous park with many hillwalking trails. If you’re an experienced hiker or beginner, there are trails for you. Each one leads to beautiful scenery of the rolling hills and mountains in Ireland.

 Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America.  His latest book of photography, Suenitos tells the story of the only daycare inside the dangerous Hidden City.  Now based in Argentina, he continues to turn his lens on social justice issues around the globe.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today.  Have a story that needs to reach national media?  Email him today.

In addition to being photo editor for the Internet’s largest collection of Travel Articles, Outbounding, he is also the lead photographer for BuenosTours, the specialists in private walking tours of Buenos Aires

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