Guest Post: 5 Significant Tips of Travel Photography

When you travel, of course you always want to have memorable and beautiful photos of your trip. Although taking photos may seem simple because you’ve probably done it at every special occasion in your life, it could be a bit tricky if you want your photos to have “meaning” and “quality.”

Find out about 5 significant tips of travel photography to use. These tips may be applied when you hire exotic car rental wherever you go and during other occasions that mean a lot to you.

You should think it through

Before you actually go on your trip, you have to brainstorm about the “goals” for the photos that you will be taking. You might be taking those photographs as memorabilia for a blog or scrapbook? Or maybe you want to display them on your bed room wall as part of a collage for all your travels? Or you want to simply improve your photography talents? No matter what your reason may be, use it for your motivation when taking your photos. If you want your photos to tell a story, then aim for the different sequencing of events.

Shoot “Raw” Photos

When we say shoot in “raw,” it basically means that the photo should be how it really is. No editing after and just presented how you photographed it. Your camera captures RAW snapshots and depending on your camera settings, it will automatically compress the color information down to save you some space. It will make adjustments in terms of the saturation and contrast and will present you with how the image should really look.

The downside to shooting “raw” photos is that it might take up a bigger chunk of space in your memory card, so it is always best to have more memory cards with you when you travel.

Capture the People, Places and Things

In travel photography, don’t just focus on taking photos in one category. Capture the beauty of them all. It is quite boring just taking photos of nature and nothing else. It makes your photos bland because it is just about one subject.

You have to learn how to balance everything out. Be sure that you capture photos of the places you visit of course (on a grand scale) while you also take photos of random things that catch your eye as you wander the streets of wherever you are (a smaller scale). It is a smart idea to also capture photographs of the locals and also have a few shots of you and your friends too.

Choose the Best Light

This is probably one of the best ways to improve your photographs. If you simply just take a photo from where everybody else takes it, you may end up with a photo that looks just about the same as you taking it with your cell phone. Make it interesting and find the best light to take the snapshot.

Stand at different angles and play with the lighting. If you have natural light then work with it and move around the subject you’re taking a photo of and if you have artificial light then find a place where you can place it so the subject will really stand out.

Sort and edit photographs quickly

Make it a habit to sort and edit your photos when you’re back at your hotel room or have some relax time at a coffee shop. Many photographers may have this tasks in their “to-do later” list or just simply forget about it when they go back to reality. If you don’t do this quickly you may forget about the simple but vital details about each photo. Do this as soon as you can so that your photo will have a more detailed and amazing story behind them.

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