Argentina’s Perfect Storm is ready for revolution: Here’s Proof

Henry Kissinger and Chairman Mao, with Zhou En...

Henry Kissinger and Chairman Mao, with Zhou Enlai behind them in Beijing, early 70s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a ‘Perfect Storm’ brewing in Argentina.  And it seems that hardly anyone is noticing.

The reasons that people aren’t paying attention will need to be looked at another day, but if you’re really interested, there’s plenty of information available online.

For now, just trust me when I say that there’s a Perfect Storm brewing and feel free to fact-check me.  If you find anything, ANYTHING, that contradicts what I’m about to tell you, well, please let me know.  My email is


The economy is in the tanks in South America’s second largest country.  And it’s getting worse.  On Friday the latest figures the government released admitted that the financial reserves had contracted by 30 billion dollars over the same period from last year.  And those are government figures.  The real figures are probably much higher.

Despite a mandate from the government to grocery stores to hold their prices steady at least through the mid-term elections next month, prices are still going up.

It’s not uncommon here to see a 25% increase in staples from week to week.  Coffee that was $8 a jar four weeks ago is now over $13.  Milk?  $8 a liter.  Even historically cheap foodstuffs like pasta are going through the roof; driven there by the corrupt government system which has just about devastated the wheat harvest.

As the middle class shrinks, the numbers of homeless on the streets increase.  One recent report in Business Insider claimed that Argentina has about 30,000 homeless on the streets every night; more are being added each day as they’re forced to give up their overpriced apartments.


Argentina is sitting on top of the world’s second largest shale oil reserve in the world.  Chevron just signed a multi, multi million — actually it was over $1 BILLION dollars — deal with YPF the state run oil company to start exploring and drilling for oil.



Argentina is solidly in bed with America’s largest economic competitor, China.

Just within the past week a contract was signed between China and Argentina that will have Chinese jet fighters built in Buenos Aires and other plants in the country.


In 1994 the Jewish AMIA Community Center was bombed leaving 85 people dead and hundreds wounded.  Jews throughout the world have blamed Iraq and the international human rights groups have delivered solid evidence that Iraq was behind the bombing.

Three weeks ago, Argentina signed a mutual consent with Iraq to investigate the bombing and report the findings.  Just smoke and mirrors.  Everyone knows that any Iraqis found to have had a hand in the bombing will never be brought to Argentina to stand any type of meaningful trial.

Any why should they.

An open secret here is that Iraq has dozens of cells in place and is ready to launch terrorists against the US at a moments notice.  Argentina feels that as long as they “play nice” with the Iraqi’s, then Argentines are safe from the warped thinking that makes fanatics think it’s smart to strap on vests and blow themselves up.

Those terrorists are heading towards America.


The area where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet is called “Tri-Corners”.  Tri-Corners is a desolate no man’s land where there is neither recognized borders or any meaningful law enforcement.

Mexican Drug Cartels which used to ship drugs and raw ingredients north have found themselves strangled by the new regime in Mexico.  The drugs, raw ingredients and related ills are now heading south and crossing into Argentina at the Tri-Corner area.

Processed, packaged and shipped, the drugs are being loaded onto barges and then taken into the rio for a trip down to Mar de Plata where they are then transferred onto ocean going vessels bound for the US and Europe.

The Cultural and Finance Ministers of Argentina are complicit with this and are accepting bribes and huge payoffs to look the other way.

(Argentine President) Kirchner is also in on this golden ring of bonanza and she has allies that are regularly shipping millions of American dollars out of the country into overseas bank accounts.  She doesn’t want to see the fountain of cash turned off anytime soon.


It would not be precedent setting for Obama to instigate some type of action and turmoil in South America to divert attention from his increasing problems at home.

The 70s and 80s were a time of significant interference in South American affairs by the US and resulted in roughly 30,000 dissidents being “disappeared”.  Documents recently unclassified show that (former US Secretary of State) Henry Kissinger was deeply involved in the military coups and followups that touched the South American psyche.

Lyndon Johnson had the Maddox affair and Vietnam.  Carter had the hostages.  Clinton?  Somalia.  George W.? Well, we all know what he did.

Obama has the means and method to use what John Kerry recently called, America’s “backyard” to try to get attention shifted from troubles in his own front yard.


As I mentioned, there is plenty of online proof for each of the points I’ve made above.   But don’t take my word for it, do your own research online and elsewhere and draw your conclusions.  If your conclusion is different than mine, I’d love to know.

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