JourneyAmerica: Behind (some of) the shots

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Fall of 2012, I was in Washington DC to shoot some actions around the White House as well as the ‘OccupyVA’ that was going on at the Veterans Administration.

A good friend, Paul, knew I was getting tired and wore out from sleeping on the street with the vets, so Paul and his family opened up their home to me.

I had a few days to hang out with Paul and together we did the tourist thing.  I’m sure that Paul had seen the sites many times before, but he was kind enough to put up with boredom — and me — to see them again.

This ship is at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor where Paul and I spent a few hours.

With the sun providing a good backlight, the rigging showed up nicely.  Thanks Paul for making this happen!


Title Test



In August 2012 I spent several weeks in Arizona shooting and covering “Border Wars”  The vigilantes and militia that guard the open desert between the US and Mexico along the Arizona border allowed me full access to them as they spent cold nights and hot days waiting on illegal immigrants and Mexican Drug cartels.

One night I slipped away and got this shot in Tempe, AZ .  Tempe is a suburb of Phoenix and at sunset you can get some amazing shots.

Did you see the plane coming in for a landing?


Title Test


For about six weeks, I traveled all over Idaho, Montana and Washington State documenting actions, activities and people for United Vision of Idaho.

One of my hosts in Idaho was a man named K.C. Hunt.  K.C. was kind to take several days out of his hectic schedule and drive me around, pointing out places that I would’ve missed without his expertise.

Having grown up watching Evel Kenevil jump his motorcycles across cars, trucks and busses — and yes, Snake River — I jumped at the chance when K.C. asked if I’d like to see the takeoff ramp that is still in place.

As he and I wandered along the rim of the Snake River Canyon, I spotted some hikers that were coming up a trail along the rim and grabbed this shot.


The book is coming along nicely and I hope to have it all finished and ready to go to the publishers in a few weeks.  If you’d like to get a copy, shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to put you on the list.

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