Guest Post: How to shoot a live stage shows?

Live stage shows are a fun to watch but capturing these stage shows in the camera is not an easy job. It is a comprehensive activity which needs the cameraman to focus on several aspects to cover all the elements of the stage.
Shooting a live musical performance requires serious planning and complete attention without missing anything. In live stage shows, shooter is required to be completely silent and shoot the musical show without disturbing audiences in the show. Before leaving the house, the cameraman or shooter is required to make essential preparations to help capturing flawless shots much efficiently. There are few simple guidelines which one should follow while shooting a live event. Just have a look-
· Technical settings in the camera: Make sure that any/all of the cameras that are going to be used are precisely adjusted and must match the colour, format, saturation, luminance etc. as far as possible. If shooting with digital cams, then must check the camera for enough memory and battery because you will waste your time to check such things during the show.
· Automatic setting: In a live event, instead of using fully automatic function, partially automated camera must be used as it enables the shooter to ignore certain settings in certain situations.
· Focus: Using the auto focus function in the camera seems to be interesting but it may spoil the pictures as it will move back and forth to find its focal length. To change the focus manually it is advisable to capture perfect shots. But if you are inexperienced then it is best to use the automatic focus option in the camera.
· Lighting conditions: Creative use of colored light contributes to the wonderful atmosphere of a live musical performance but capturing photographs is issue for a shooter because it will produce un-natural skin colours. In this case shooting in RAW will give you flexibility and best picture quality. Shoot the pictures in RAW+JPG format for ultimate picture quality.
· Rapid Operating: Camera movement, focussing and poor framing results in making material unusable in an edit. These can be can overcome these by making positive and fast camera operations. Be alert and defensive. It is not required to follow the action constantly. At times it is better to let things happen in front of the lens.
· Shutter: In live event, there is a lot of fast action which you wish to capture, thus in this case select a higher shutter speed. However, keep in mind that fast shutter speeds can make the shot look quite strange and blurred. For dim light scenes less shutter speed should be used, but wait for dramatic pause to evade motion mark.
· Operational settings: Before shooting, if necessary, make sure that you have focused the viewfinder eye piece. Additionally, check for the lens cap as sometimes the lens cap comes in the way so it is always good to take it off so that cap does not hit on the side of the camera.
About the author: The article was written by a Jeffrey Hunter, experienced blogger and rock music big fan. Please follow the link below to visit his website.

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