Me and my little box I call a time machine


91st birthday

I’m not a photographer. I’m not an artist. I’m just a guy with a little box that I like to think of as a time machine. Most people call it a camera.

I call it a ‘time machine’ because it captures a tiny slice of time. A person can see a photo of Lincoln and be transported for a moment back to the 1860s.

A image made today can be seen by people 150 years from now and they’ll be able to be in the present — even if just for a slice of time.

Micah Mackenzie in Asheville, NC is an artist with a camera.

He can take images and through the magic of imagination turn them into works of art that transports people to magical places of how things could be. An artist takes something and refashions it into something that is new, different and exciting.

Micah does that with a camera.

Another friend, also in Asheville, is George Plym. George is a photographer. He has the ability to see something and capture that same something through the viewfinder. He doesn’t enhance his work with software — what you see is what you get with George’s photos. He’s the master at being able to transport you from wherever you are to the spot and moment behind the lens when he pushed the shutter.


Mi espousa

Me? I see it, I shoot it. I like to think that I’m allowing friends — literally all over the world — to join me with me for just a moment in this adventure and journey we call life.

Now, when I invent a camera that can take pictures in the future, well, then I’ll be on to something.

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