Freelance writer wanted for short term gig

Freelance WriterCan you put 500 words together and make them make sense?

I’ve got a friend that is looking for someone to help him pull together a few 500-800 word city guides on cities in the US.

The guidelines he provided me to pass on are:  I’ve told him I’ll do some of the guides myself — yep, I could use the money — but he needs more written than what I can do before the deadline

Write a brief, pithy city guide of between 500 and 800 words.

– Deadline noon (EST) Wednesday, August 21st
– Between 500 and 800 words (Additional guidelines on format will be provided to you)
– Post must have a humorous tone
– Include a simple quote/fun fact about the city
– 2nd paragraph will be a brief summary of the city as a whole
— 3rd paragraph must discuss individual neighborhoods and info such as how to move there, what living there is like, etc
– Follow style and format of samples provided (see below)
– I have eight pieces that need written. Finish one before requesting a second
– Use roughly 4-6 keyword phrases (key words will be provided)

If freelance writing is your thing, please email me, , right away.

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