How to find a miracle today


The fact they found each other can be a miracle

The fact they found each other can be a miracle

She was tall, old and very slow.  He was short, extremely young and jumped about from side to side as they walked on the sidewalk together.


The crowds beside Avenue Cabilldo in Buenos Aires didn’t notice either of them as they pushed past the unlikely duo out for a walk.


In her hand was a leash.  At the end of the leash was a dog.  A small dog.  A very small dog.  A dog so small that my first thought was the dog would make a good sandwich.


My second thought was that I was seeing a miracle.  In this city of 13 million people — and even more dogs — the fact that his old woman and this puppy had found each other was a miracle.


Miracles happen around us all the time.  We just don’t notice.


In the swirl and fog of everyday life, we often overlook the minor miracles that flow past us…over us…around us as we move through the daily challenge of life.


There are some things that we can do though to see more miracles.


Open Your Eyes


Yep.  That sounds simple.  Just open your eyes and see where you focus.  With time and a little effort, you can train your eyes to see miracles.

A dog walker with dogs belonging to people too busy to care for them

A dog walker with dogs belonging to people too busy to care for them


When was the last time you looked at the windshield in your car.  I don’t mean looked through it, I mean actually looked AT it.


Next time you get in your vehicle try looking at the windshield.  You’ll see scratches, dirt specks and teeney-tiny bubbles in the glass that you had never noticed because you were busy looking through the windshield instead of at it.



Become Childlike


Ever take a walk with a small child?  It can take an hour to go fifty feet.  A child looks at everything they pass.  They examine each leaf, plant and insect.  They explore.  They still have a sense of wonderment about the world around them.


A child can stare at a spider web or ants on the sidewalk for a long time.  The world is new to them.  Shiny. New. Different.


Try to recapture and re-experience the newness of the world, your neighborhood, your home, the people around you.  Practice looking at life — and people — in new ways.



Challenge Yourself


Give yourself a challenge.  Make a fresh commitment each morning to consciously spot a miracle each day.  Look for the unexpected.  When you move down the sidewalk, don’t just look down at the concrete before you.  Look up.  Watch the birds fly through the trees and buildings.  Stop and look back in the direction from which you came — get a different perspective on something you have seen — or thought you’ve seen — so often.


Expect a Miracle.


It’s not no secret or surprise that we usually find what we’re looking for.


If we’re looking for quarrelsome people, trouble and problems guess what we’ll find.


If we’re expecting to see a miracle, guess what will appear



What’s Your Miracle?


What miracle have you found today?  What do YOU do to keep life fresh, free, interesting and fascinating?


Leave a comment and share your exploration with others.

2 thoughts on “How to find a miracle today

  1. About two weeks ,the leaves began to fall in Illinois, and my Granddaughters came back from a walk eyes gleaming and smile that would brighten anyone’s face, Each one had at least one leaf to give me. They were amazed of the different colors. They showed me their favorite one. I was excited for them expressed how wonderful they were. the oldest said “take a picture of they they change colors you know. ” That would be a good Idea. I photographed it with hate to say it my Iphone. But know I get a new present and new leaves to photograph each day. We as adults should learn.
    They can not wait to go out and explore what is new and what God has in store to show them today. We have to be rereminded how wonderful our world is. Thanks Jerry!!!

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