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Hilton Serentity BedI travel a lot. Sometimes too much.

On the rare occasion that time and money intersect in that fantasy corner of the world, I like to check into the closest Hilton.

The first thing I do after dropping the gear bag on the floor is turn the a/c down as far as it will go. It doesn’t bother me to sleep in rooms so cold that the frost is on the inside of the window the next morning.

The second thing I do is look for the coffee maker. I won’t go more than 20 minutes without having a cup of fresh brew.

The Coffee Bean Morning Blend that Hilton Hotels & Resorts is featured in all of their units. Rich, aromatic and smooth with a crisp finish, the 100% Arabica blend features El Salvador, Sumatra and Brazilian coffess for a flavor that’s always good and never bitter or over-roasted.

One of the great things about spending the night at a Hilton Hotel is the bed. Sturdy, soft and comfortable, the bed in the Hilton Hotels and Resorts is now available — as is the coffee — online at


You can imagine my surprise when I learned recently that Hilton has decided to sell the beds and coffee. I don’t need the adjustable features with all the numbers and firmness settings. The typical mattress on one of those beds is better than almost anything — well, being in a tent at the Cherokee Powwow with a pretty blond is still #1.

In one of the Hilton Serenity Beds made by Serta, I get a refreshing, restful slumber. It’s the same bed that folks enjoy every night when they stay at anyone of the Hilton branded hotels.

Custom designed to the Hilton Hotel’s exacting specifications, the bed is posturized for added coil support and includes a great internal design that prevents edge breakdown even when I plop down to take the hiking boots off.

With an innovative, patented quilt design and a nice plush mattress, my circulation is improved and I’m ready to face whatever the streets can throw at me the next day.

The Hilton Serenity Bed includes a 10 year warranty and comes standard with a box spring of 7.5 inches. You can order yours today by calling the Hilton concierge service at 877-3HILTON.

Tell ‘em Jerry sent you.

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