South Dakota is more than corn

Sweet piece combining words and images

Travel with Pen and Palate

Whether it’s learning about the migration of the Monarch butterfly, fly fishing or roasting Smacos, South Dakota and Sioux Falls insure residents and visitors that time spent will be worthwhile and make you smile.

A short distance north of Sioux Falls is Dell Rapids complete with an early 20th century Grand Opera House

Of course lush countryside abounds with green crops and a riot of Black Eyed Susan’s in late summer bloom.

Small city urban meets nature and lots of outdoor cooking. Keep kids big and small engaged during picnics roasting smacos and whipping up 5-minute ice cream.

Make smacos and learn survival skills at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus 

and you don’t need to go to Spain to ride the bulls, Visit Sioux Falls

In the early 1900’s, many citizens couldn’t believe the hubris in assuming a 25 year old incorporated city of less than 20,000 justified such a…

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