In Argentina They Just Whack It Off

Cabildo Old

The Cabildo (to the right of the obelisk) as it looked around 1820 shortly after it was declared finished.

Sometimes you just have to whack it off. Seems that’s what Argentine’s do best.

In 1983 when the military junta was getting their olive drab butts kicked in the PR department, a general got drunk (this is a true story), and made a wager that he could ‘re-take’ the Malvinas — aka Falklands — islands.

One of his buddies, another not-so-smart Argentine officer took him up on the bet. They shook hands, invaded the islands and well, the rest is history.

Seemed like the General just wanted to whack off a bit of British property.

There’s a building in town called The Cabildo. It’s the seat of Argentine independence, kind of like what Independence Hall in Philadelphia is to Americans.

With many false starts, building of The Cabildo got underway in earnest in 1764. It wasn’t until 1810 that the building was finished enough that it could be called finished and that’s the structure you see at the top of this post.

In 1889 the government decided there should be road leading to Plaza de Mayo. So they whacked off the end of the building on the northside, wiping out the three arches on the end.

But the destruction wasn’t done.


The Cabildo as it appears today.

In 1931 the government wanted to put in another avenue into Plaza de Mayo. Since partially destroying a historical building in the name of progress worked around 40 years before, they decided to do the same thing and whacked off three more arches off of the south end of the building

This is what the Cabildo looks like today. Can you imagine anyone allowing the government to do this to Independence Hall?

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