Hardcore evidence that 9/11 did NOT happen the way the goernment said it did

I am not a conspiracy nut.  I don’t see poison in “chemtrails”, I’m not sure that Oswald didn’t act alone and I’m not so sure that Area51 is anymore — or less than — what friends have always said it was.

But a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to do some photography at the World Trade Center Memorial in Lower Manhattan in New York City.

A week after Obama and Bush dedicated the memorial, I was there with the camera gear and got some images and had some time to walk around the area.

Something that no one has ever been able to give me was a reasonable, plausible, alternative answer to my repeated question:  “What really brought down WTC7 (World Trade Center 7).

Watch the video and then ask yourself, “What really happened that day?”

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