Guest Post: Savoring Seafood In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is among the most beautiful cities in the world. Beach is the center of life here. You can also look for delicious seafood on the beaches here and also visit some of the famous seafood restaurants in the city.
Rio de Janeiro is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Mountains and white sandy beaches with colonial neighborhoods and modern architectural buildings form a perfect backdrop of this picturesque city. For nature lovers, Rio de Janeiro is a fantastic destination. Rainforest, which covers swathes of the city, provides them a great reason to visit the city.

Rio de Janeiro is a city of gorgeous beaches. In fact, the beach is the center of life in the city. Here everything revolves around the beaches. The famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema attract million of tourists from across the world. The beaches here are beehive of activities. Here you will see bright red and yellow umbrellas dotting the vast coastline and every visible stretch of sand. The weekends on the beaches here are special indeed with a large number of locals and tourists reach at here by booking their flight tickets in cheap price for flocking and whiling away the day by the ocean.

No visit to Rio de Janeiro is complete unless you savor seafood delicacies and visit some of the famous seafood restaurants in the city. If you are on one of the beaches here, you will get ample opportunities to taste an array of seafood being sold by the vendors constantly strolling on the beaches with their fares.

The acai berry is greatly preferred by bronzed Cariocas (locals) as well as the tourists. It’s a key ingredient of the diet of Brazilians. The powerhouse Amazonian fruit Acai Berry is rich with antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Most of them also credit the fruit with weight-loss properties. This can be found at the stands all along the beachfront or being sold by the vendors, and is popularly consumed as part of a smoothie. Another important delicacy being sold on the beaches here are the skewers. Fresh shrimps are served after cooking in garlicky olive oil. It’s prepared by the vendors on the spot and sold.

Apart from seafood on the beaches, there are a number of seafood restaurants in Rio de Janeiro serving mouthwatering cuisines. Some of the best seafood offerings in Rio de Janeiro are provided in the South Side or Zona Sul, which includes Ipanema and Copacabana. The old downtown area of Centro Histórico shouldn’t be ignored. This area is a part of the city’s culinary folklore.

The Portuguese restaurants in Rio de Janeiro excel in seafood. Here are some of them which must be visited to savor sumptuous delicacies. Consider visiting Albamar in Centro Histórico. It offers great recipes and attracts many regulars as well as businessmen. Amendoeira in Pedra de Guaratiba was opened in 1970. It serves elaborate dishes such as caldeirada, and tempura shrimp with Catupiry cheese. You can also opt from the five essential fish on the menu – snowy grouper (cherne), Brazilian flounder (linguado), European seabass (robalo), sea trout (pescada), and namorado sandperch – with a range of side dishes.

Visit Rio de Janeiro to savor exquisite seafood delicacies being offered here. You will simply love them!

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